Consumers are taking ownership of brands, and their referral power is priceless.- Erik Qualman

Who doesn’t want some easy bucks?

977Tech is an online company with various internet services. Please visit our services page for the detailed information about services we provide.

This guy with his thumbs up is all happy. Looks like he figured it all out. We are pretty sure his pockets are full and all that money is flying around. Wouldn’t you too want that? Uh! wait, Let us tell you how.

977Tech offers a referral based membership where you can make handy bucks just by referring our services to a party who is seemingly interested in our services.

Our members will be awarded certain cashback for referring us to the potential client. There are two types:
1. Intro referral
Member will provide us details about the party interested and rest of the process is taken care by us. Member will be awarded 10% of the profit.

2. Meetup referral
Member will have to arrange a meeting and paperwork should be done by himself. Will be awarded with 15%-30% of profits depending upon project load and its complexity.

  • Member will be given instant cash for their first referral and will be registered with us.
  • From the second referral the percentage of their profits will be deposited in their 977account. [ 977account money can be useful for other features in future. Simple example: Mobile balance topup. ]
  • A member can withdraw it anytime after it reaches the threshold value of 5000 Nepali rupees.
  • If willing, member can also invest amount in account with us.

NOTE: Percentage of the profit and withdrawal threshold are subjective and they can be changed at any time.

Looks interesting? Lets look at mathematics. Don’t go all ‘whatttt?’ this is for our nerds.

Suppose there is someone you know who is interested in any of the services we provide.  Contact us or Use our ‘Request a call’ feature in footer.  Give us their details. We will contact the potential customer and after the deal is done you will receive percentage of profits.

Suppose deal is done for profit of Rs.50,000. If you are intro referral you will receive Rs. 5000/- only by just giving their details to us. If meetup referral :  Range Rs. 7500/- to Rs. 15000/-

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. – William Arthur Ward

We will be adding more perks to being our member and will be updating in upcoming times. Somebody suggested us free chilled beers delivery to star members. Well, We can’t promise you that right now though.

Good luck.

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