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What is 977 Leads and the Network?

977Leads is an app based approach to provide businesses the lead data they need to effectively increase their sales. 

Who gives the lead?
Anyone with our app can submit their leads and earn money while doing so. This tool is specially targeted to businesses agents who can provide business more leads. The system is also available to the normal users who are willing to give good data and earn easily. 

What about the network?
977Leads intends to create a community around agents and normal users. Suppose company A has 10 agents. Company A will be receiving data leads from 10 agents but with this network company A will also receive data from the agents of company B with 50 agents. Company A has no any associations with company B but still gets the leads. The more the network increases, the more business will increase to those business houses who are connected with this network.

Who can join?
Anyone willing to provide the leads can join us as lead creators. Business houses need to contact us to get connected with the platform. 

How can your business join the network?

You will need to contact us to join the network. Once you contact us we will identify your businesses and create a category for you. We will create your business profile and provide a dashboard to you. You can then create your own product categories and assign products to the categories. 

What can you expect from the dashboard?

Statistics, a lot of them. Example: Total leads you received, leads in progress, completed / failed leads. Graph on your leads / sales conversion.
Leads section: From this section you can view the list of leads you received. Take actions: Move it in progress, Once you move it in in progress you can create logs/comments for each lead. Once the lead gets converted or fails you take necessary action. Every action is notified to the lead creator (the one who provided you the lead) 

Create category and products: You will need to create a category at first. Create a product and assign that product to that category. Product has a name, description, price amount, commission percentage, images.

The system will have a lot of decision making data and information.
Contact us to join the network.